The Mesmerizing Metal

Extraordinary Gallium

Gallium’s most remarkable property is its melting point. Because it becomes a liquid at just slightly above room temperature (less than 86 degrees F or 30 degrees C) a silvery gallium crystal or piece will start to liquefy only a few moments after being taken in hand. Because it has one of the longest liquid temperature ranges of any metal, it stays a liquid up to very high temperatures without becoming a gas, another unique gallium property.

Just as important, it’s fun and safe to manipulate. Any metal that melts in your hand at room temperature can surely provide hours of fun while offering dozens of uses.

Gallium uses include several industrial applications. Among them, gallium is used for high-temperature thermometers and as a dope for semi-conductors. Adding up to 2 percent gallium to solder can make it flow better. And since gallium has a shiny, silver appearance, it can be painted onto glass for a mirror effect. In compound, it can make ultraviolet-activated powders and convert electricity into light.

Discovered less than 140 years ago, new gallium uses are still being found every year. What new use will you discover?

Purchase gallium now and open your mind to a world of possibilities from this element you can’t find in nature. The metal that melts in your hands, gallium is an amazingly entertaining and useful substance that is as fun to manipulate as it is useful in the right applications.